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Post by PIMP on Sun Apr 15, 2007 4:30 pm

Ok here is the tutorial on how to post an image:

ok for an image to show instead of a link you have to put the image tags:

then the picture with that address will show.. if it is a link from the internet then is ready to go .. but many websites wont let you link directly to their images ... because it takes their bandwith away... so you have to upload the image to a free host like the one i use . "servimg" :


ok to upload a picture from your pc you do this..:

1) Go to Servimg or (any free image host)

2) on the homepage click "browse" .. this wil bring up your harddrive window.

3) Select a picture from your harddrive.

4) Click "Host it" .

Now it will upload the picture from your pc.. when done a new window will open with lots of diferent links to your picture.. i always use the :
"direct link to image" link. Copy this link and save it

5) In your reply that your typing, paste this link between the image tags like so:
[img] "your link goes here" [/img]

6) Done

Note: If you click on the 'image' button on top of the reply window it will create the tag ... your picture shall work now.
Note: If you click 'insert an image' button, it will bring you to You will have to login or host a new image. I suggest you get a membership (free) and login to your uploaded picture whenever you want.

Image shacks have some size limit and no porn rules i think .. might wanna check it out.. but i use it for all my other pics no problem for free.

You cannot link directly to your pc.. picture must be uploaded first to an image host like Servimg !!

Hope this Tutorial Helps! Good LUCK!
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{PRPboss} (Webmaster)

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